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Talk or video chat with a primary care physician from any smartphone or tablet device. Your assigned MyMD Connect physician is available to you 24/7 to assist you in managing your day‐to‐day healthcare needs. Save money on same day appointments, labs, imaging, and Rx prescriptions.

Any covered family member seeking care through a MyMD Connect must have a completed intake form on file with your assigned physician listed below. Please follow the steps below to complete your medical intake.

Step 1: Prepare the following information.

Prepare la siguiente información antes de comenzar.

Your personal medical history and the medical history of any dependents

    • A list of prior surgeries

    • Information about last blood work (if applicable)

    • A list of allergies you may have from medicine or the environment

    • A list of any ongoing symptoms

    • A list of any recent medical testing and results

Prescription medications

    • Name(s) of medication

    • Dosage per day

    • How long you have been taking the prescription?

OTC medications

    • Name(s) of medication

    • Dosage per day

    • How long you have been taking the prescription?

Supplements and vitamins

    • Name(s) of supplement

    • Dosage per day

    • How long you have been taking the supplement?


    • A digital photo (like a selfie) on your smartphone or PC.

    • A digital copy of your state issued driver license or other official ID on your smartphone or PC.

    • A front and back digital photo of your new 90 Degree Benefits medical insurance card on your smartphone or PC.

Your family medical history

    • Medical Conditions

    • Age if alive

    • Age at time of death

    • Cause of death

Your current primary care physician

    • Physician's name

    • Physician's phone number

    • Physician's specialt

Important note

  • A separate Intake Form must be completed for each covered dependent seeking care from a MyMD Connect physician.

Sample Health Insurance ID card - front side
Sample Health Insurance ID card - back side
Sample Portrait Photo
Sample Portrait Photo
Sample State issued Identification Card
Sample State issued Driver's License

Step 2: Fill out the intake form from your smart phone or PC.

Complete el formulario de admisión desde su teléfono inteligente o PC .

A separate Intake Form must be completed for each covered dependent.

Se debe completar un Formulario de admisión por separado para cada dependiente cubierto.

The more thorough the Intake Form is completed, the better your MyMD Connect physician will be able to provide safe, effective care.

Once the Intake Form is submitted, you will have access to 24/7 virtual healthcare with your very own primary care physician.

Step 3: Wait for MyMD Connect to send a text message to your smart phone.

Espere a que MyMD Connect le envíe un mensaje de texto a su teléfono inteligente.

Once you complete the initial Intake Form, MyMD Connect will send you text message with a unique link to download Spruce‐Care Messenger App*. Complete the registration process in Spruce‐Care Messenger and once you’re done, you can begin messaging with your MyMD Connect physician.

*Downloading the app without an invite from your provider will not connect you; you must receive an invite.

Another option is to contact your MyMD Connect physician by phone at (936) 634‐9105. If they are not available to take your call, follow the instructions as provided on the automated system. The physician will contact you as soon as is reasonably possible.


Dr. April Calderon

Euphora Health – Cedar Park

(737) 215‐4525

Dallas / Ft. Worth

Dr. Anastasia Benson

Paradigm Family Health

(972) 441‐7270


Dr. Geetinder Goyal

First Primary Care

(713) 280‐7991

San Antonio

Dr. Roger Moczygemba

Direct Med Clinic

(210) 960‐9248