Health Insurance Enrollment 

Step 1: Review the Health Benefits Guide and choose your plan.

Revise la guía y elija su plan. 

Step 2: Make sure you have the following information available:

Additionally, you must submit the following information to the HR Department if it applies to your dependent(s).

Important Notice

For those with children who elect to take the Voluntary Critical Illness coverage, be sure to also enroll your children. There is no premium charge as it's included in the employee premium.  You must enroll your children (up to the age of 26) during this open enrollment period to be eligible

Step 3: Log into Benefits Enrollment.

Inicie sesión en el Portal de inscripción de beneficios. 

Your user name is your Employee Code as is appears on your new hire packet.

Your Employee Code begins with a J for JMEG and contains 5 digits beginning with a zero.  For example: J01234 

Your initial password is the last four digits of your SSN (Social Security Number).